Aljazari International School of Science and Technology is proud to launch its winter 2020 activities. Aljazari School, which based on TechnoPark and SocioPark has an applied program of sustaining the whole spectrum of the human activities.

Fun UP 2020 is an activities festival that is held during winter and summer. Winter 2020 Activities include several and many training programs, workshops, symposiums, conferences, presentations, clubs, camps and field trips at all domains of knowledge and interests for the whole family.

We assure that all family members are involved whatever the age is. Winter 2020 Activities are in the fields of soft skills, social activities, languages, Fine arts, environment, technology, literature, sports, psychology, and music.
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Happy & Competent Children

Individuals whose basic needs, as defined per Maslow's hierarchy of needs, are met, form the essence of a value-centered personality while realizing their full potential.

One-to-one interaction with the child during the preschool phase, which is the stage of self-discovery, is of great importance for their personality development.

Being aware of this, Al-Jazari International School considers each student as a gifted individual carrying an endless potential within.

It is our basic practice to give children the opportunity to learn while playing according to their own respective developmental stages and we consider it extremely important for the upbringing of both mentally and physically healthy future generations.

According to our school's most fundamental approach, the teacher represents a guide during the learning process. Recognizing that children have different ways of expressing themselves, we aim to make our students happy individuals who are aware of how they choose to express their thoughts and feelings whether through singing, painting, sculpture, dance, vocal expression and music activities.

This way, arts and sports are highlighted in our school throughout the learning process, which is supported by education and training.

We support the development of personality with the aim of helping our students to be successful individuals, to be able to make their own decisions, to plan their studies and choose their own goals, to work effectively whether individually or in groups andto produce practical solutions when facing problems.