Professional Entrepreneur
Professional Entrepreneur
Professional Entrepreneur
Professional Entrepreneur

The field of entrepreneurship is classified as one of the most important fields in the contemporary world, and it is an essential component of all successful disciplines and projects.  The importance of this course comes from being the practical aspect of academic life, and for those wishing to produce and create their own projects and independent personalities. Besides, it is considered the gateway to understand the world of entrepreneurship and will help them plan their projects to serve the specialties they aspire to within clear mechanisms, strategic plans and basic skills.

  • Some basics of thinking, creativity and idea making.
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship and the difference between freelance work and independent work.
  • What are the characteristics of the young entrepreneur and what are the obstacles and problems of the pilot project.
  • Strategic planning for the pilot project, development methodology, and how to choose the alternative plan.
  • Project financing strategies and search for investors.
  • Entrepreneurial game.
  • Marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Some practical management skills, such as meeting management, negotiation and persuasion.

Gain a complete vision of the world of entrepreneurship and industry.

Discover the energies and abilities of young people and push them towards creating independent entrepreneurial projects that achieve their personal goals and aspirations.

Transforming academic life into a workable, viable business project.