Art Workshop at Home
Art Workshop at Home
Art Workshop at Home
Art Workshop at Home

Art is a concept that has existed throughout human history as a way of expressing oneself. We can express our love, sadness and even our fears through art. In fact, what we sometimes express through art becomes historical evidence. For example, cave paintingsā€¦ At the same time, art has an importance in terms of personality development. There is scientific data such as loving school and increasing focus time, as well as improving the self-expression skills of children who met art at an early age.



1- First Lesson: Brief history of art, art branches, teaching materials, teaching primary and secondary colors (color experiments) Making play dough at home

2- Second Lesson: ceramic preparation, Painting (watercolor, acrylic paint, finger paint, dry paint) ,

3- Third Course: wooden painting and bird house

4- Fourth Course: Painting the drying ceramics and making an art box at home.



- To inform the participants about the art branches,

- Introduce colors and discover their talents,

- It is aimed to ensure that the participants spend interesting time.