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Online Turkish Conversation
Online Turkish Conversation
Online Turkish Conversation
Online Turkish Conversation
4 weeks
Total hours
16 hrs

Aljazari International Schools of science and technology is pleased to announce an online conversation course for young in the Turkish language under the title "The language of brotherhood, harmony and coexistence"

The free Turkish course practice speaking of the siblings, and introduce them to the most popular phrases among Turks.

Register in a distinguished course that navigates the Turkish language to the depths of fluency, and harmony.


• Most used sentence patterns in daily life
• 500 sentences in five different themes
- Meet
- Shopping
- Journey / Trip
- Hospital
- Enrollment in school

• Turkish speaking practice



1) To have the ability to use the language practically in their daily life..
2) Getting new skills such as working together cooperatively
3) To be able to listen to Turkish and get familiar with the new vocabulary.
4) To understand how to use the language and to get fluent in a practical way
5) Developing Listening, reading and comprehension skills in Turkish.


age: 15- for Student

level: A1 / Session 1

level: A2 / Session 2