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Aljazari Applied School
Aljazari Applied School
Aljazari Applied School
Aljazari Applied School
Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology are the center of the theory's journey into practice. The curriculum is applied in all disciplines. The applied education program, which has a physical and academic integrity, is carried out in all our campuses in all levels , including kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school.

Aljazari Learning Program (JLP) , academic program DAS, personal development program PDP, and J5 social activities, where knowledge and skill are reflected in the practical field, form a holistic structure. The social activities carried out outside the class hours and the club activities within the curriculum are divided into five groups in accordance with the youth profile that our paradigm aims to create.

J-Tech, which takes the 21st century science and technology into production with the thought of innovation, J-Trail, the field of recognition and application of the world of nature and living creatures in the climate of love and respect, J-TT, which covers the innovation-centered activities where the methodological thought turns into production, from the individual to the society. J-Talk, the area of language and cultural activities in which a transformation is designed, J-Talent, where arts and sports activities where skills and abilities are transformed into emotions and behaviors, are our application areas.
Understanding, analyzing and synthesizing the knowledge can only be achieved through experience and practice. As a requirement of this training philosophy, our JazariLabs, workshops and gymnasiums are designed in accordance with all educational levels. We also realize our understanding of interdisciplinary education program in the practical field. Our students participate in projects and competitions where they transform their knowledge into skills.

• J-Tech
  1. Robotic Coding Applications
  2. Renewable Energy Activities
  3. Participation in National and International Projects and Competitions
  4. Drone and Model Aircraft Production
  5. Science Technology Fairs

• J-TT
  1. R&D Studies
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Documentary and Film Analysis
  4. Project Workshops
  5. Community Service Practices
• J-Talent
  1. School Teams
  2. Art Exhibitions
  3. School Choir
  4. Performing Arts
  5. National and International Tournaments

• J-Trail
  1. Scouting
  2. Eco-School Activities
  3. Nature Camps
  4. Recycling Applications
  5. Plant and Live Care

• J-Talk
  1. Language Camps
  2. Conferences and Symposiums
  3. Media Activities
  4. Events
  5. MUN