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Full Day Sports
Full Day Sports
Full Day Sports
Full Day Sports
4 weeks
Total hours
24 hrs
1500 ₺

Choose 3 sports as part of the Full Day Sports Package

Committed to professionalism


Jeagles Sports Club has set its goals by building professional sports teams that can compete with other school teams, local and professional clubs


And because the vision and philosophy of Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology is based on social inclusion and integration into the community, we believe that sports is necessary for a healthy, successful and prosperous society.


We are pleased to launch a sports package that includes 3 from 6 different sports chosen by students, trained by a professional in the playgrounds and campuses of Aljazari International Schools in Atakent and Fatih.


1- Students participate in a Full Sports Day

2- Building the player's body, improving his level and talents

3- Preparing to launch professional sports teams to compete with other schools and local clubs


1- Raising the athletes stamina and preparing them to participate in tournaments

2- Building teams that develop social intelligence, refine personality, and help the athlete to belong to team.

3- Discharge the players' energy in the right place


AGES: 3-17 Years Old

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