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• Aljazari International School aims to ensure the development of a healthy environment for students, their families and community in order to ensure and maintain the best possible physical, mental and social health of all grades.

• Our health policy consists of four parts: contemporary school health services, student health, school environment, health education and health of school employees.

Student health policy
Protection of student health, prevention of diseases, diagnosis of health problems, treatment when necessary, providing emergency care in cases of sudden developing diseases and injuries, health education and counseling.

In order to achieve these goals, the following procedures are obligatory each year with the joint coordination of the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Primary Health Care Services and the health unit in our school.

  • School Enrollment Examination
  • Physical Examinations
  • Health Screenings
  • Combating Infectious Diseases.
  • Accident Prevention and First Aid
  • Mental Health Studies
  • Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring of Acute and Chronic Disease Students
  • Physical Education / School Sports Studies
  • Health Education
School Environment Policy
Location, building, social environment, infrastructure features, playgrounds, clean water supply, waste disposal, hygiene of toilets, heating and ventilation, lighting, desks and classes size.

In line with these objectives, we designed our campus in line with international standards based on the standards of the Ministry of National Education in Turkey.
  • Location of school buildings
  • amount of space available for each student within the school
  • Distance of school building from heavy vehicle traffic
  • Presence of nearby factories that produce noise, smell and smoke
  • Playgrounds
  • The system that regulates pedestrian traffic in front of the school
  • Number of floors, corridors system and floor covering
  • Classrooms situation
  • Length of stairs
  • Painting of walls
  • Suitability of whiteboards
  • Suitability of chairs, stools and chairs
  • Suitability of kitchen, dining hall and canteens:
  • Suitability of toilets
  • sinks
  • Fire protection measures
  • Lighting
  • Noise condition
  • Waste management.
  • accidents
  • Infirmary

The following standards of Turkish Standards Institute regarding schools are as follows:
  • TS 10492 / 10.11.2005 - “Schools - Intermediate - General Rules”
  • TS 11924 / January 1996 - “Fire Prevention in Schools (Primary, Secondary and Higher Education) - General Rules”
  • TS 12014 / April 1996 - “Environmental Health - Schools”
  • TS 12597 / April 1999 - “First Aid Kit - Used in Schools”
  • TS 9518 / April 2000 - “Primary Schools - Physical Settlement - General Rules”
  • TS EN 1729 -1 / 12.10.2006- Chairs and Tables Used in Furniture-Education Institutions Part 1: Functional Dimensions
  • TS EN 1729 -2 / 12.10.2006 - Chairs and tables used in furniture-educational institutions-Part 2: Safety rules and test methods
  • TS 5034 EN 14434 / 9.3.2006 - Whiteboards for Educational Institutions - Ergonomic, Technical and Safety Rules and Test Methods 8.
Health Education Policy
  • It is aimed to develop the desired health, knowledge, attitude, behavior and values in the target group by using various training techniques.
  • Every year, students, teachers and parents receive trainings and seminars in this regard.
  • The main purpose of these trainings is to design the students' health education at home and school to complement each other through a cooperation between our employees, teachers and parents.

School Health Team Policy
  • We have adjusted our health regulations according to both the World Health Organization's policies on school health and the Ministry of Health educational institutions.
  • All school staff, especially teachers, are included in this scope.
  • The school environment can affect the health of employees as well as indirectly affect students' school performance. Teachers work in a safe environment with satisfaction; Our aim is to be comfortable, peaceful and healthy, to be an institution that is aware of positive effects on students' psychological development as well as increasing their school success.
  • The School Health Team consists of a physician, nurse, teacher, student guardian, psychological counselor and dietician.
  • They participate in vocational basic education and supported trainings organized by our institutions in order for the team members to carry out their work successfully.