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• At Aljazari International School, where development is designed in integrity, with special emphasis on physical development and health conditions, our meals are created under observation of dieticians and nutritionists.
• Prepared meals are subjected to taste control and the proportions of sauces and oils are prepared in consideration to nutritional details.
• Raw material production is controlled and animals are slaughtered in accordance with the procedure.
• At regular intervals, height-weight measurements of our students are determined and their families are automatically informed.
• A four-course meal and a salad are served at lunchtime.
• In addition to lunch, preschool and 1-2-3rd grade students can benefit from breakfast and afternoon snacks.
• The kitchen has a chef along with the cafeteria.
• Pastry, dessert and cooking courses are given to our students by expert chefs.
• Food etiquette and courtesy rules are provided under the title of our cafeteria services.
Nutrition Quality Standards:
• Customer Satisfaction Management System (TSE – ISO 10002)
• Occupational Health and Safety Management System (TSE- İSG – OHSAS TS 18001)
• Food Safety Management System (TSE-ISO-EN 22000)
• Environmental Management System (Ç-E – TSE-ISO-EN 14000)
• Service Competence Certificate (TSE)
• Quality Management System Certificate (K – Q TSE-ISO-EN 9000)
• Halal certificate