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School Transportation
School Transportation
School Transportation
School Transportation
• The service route of our school's buses covers a large area. From kindergarten to the last grade, all of our vehicles transport students from home to school and vice versa.
• The personal files of all bus drivers, their addresses the documents of the vehicles, phone numbers and phone numbers of students who benefit from the service are available in our computer system.
• Assistants are in charge of our services and are responsible for getting students on and off our buses
• We also provide transportation for disabled students.
• Each student has their own numbered seat
• The driver and assistant personnel have all documents regarding emergency aid and traffic legislation.
• Service buses have equipment and documents in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System standards and Ministry of Transportation School Service Regulations and service is regularly checked.
• GPS services are available in all our buses and thus all buses are continuously monitored. Parents can access instant transport information (speed, location, traffic situation, etc.) with their own access codes.
• We organize the transportation service in accordance with the school schedule, clubs and class hours.
• Meetings are held monthly with the school administration, service drivers and assistants in order to prevent service disruptions, identify problems in a short time and improve the overall services.
• Our service charge is determined in accordance with the price tariff determined within Article 62 of Law No. 5362 on Tradesmen and Craftsmen Professional Organizations dated 07 / 06 / 2005.
• The bus company has an official responsibility for monitoring the vehicles and providing communication with the school administration.
• All vehicles used in the service are insured and periodically maintained.