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Arts and sports activities carried out together with academic studies provide our students the opportunity to discover their talents while also providing time management skills.
With a vision, hearing and movement-centered understanding of art, a person is mentally strong and conscious, emotionally cheerful, peaceful and mature, besides, he is able to be himself in life.
In visual arts workshops, students develop their own emotions by transferring their feelings to colors and shapes. With the photography, painting and handicraft exhibitions, our students gain new perspectives while introducing their worlds.

The journey of sounds in the world of mind within the scope of music and rhythm studies allows our students to get to know their own self. With different instruments, our students are offered the opportunity to develop in line with their interests and abilities. With the school choir and show activities, students gain self-confidence in the field of music and become professionalized.
We should support the social and physical development of the individuals we aim to train as the Aljazari International Schools, in addition to their mental development through sports activities.
Within the scope of sports activities, it strengthens the consciousness of social movement and sense of belonging, and helps our youth to establish successful social relations. We provide opportunities for students who discover themselves with sports activities that require acquisition and skills to develop in the fields they choose in line with their abilities. Within the scope of club activities, different sports branches included in the curriculum are carried out as extra-curricular social activities in groups according to their level of development.

We offer different experiences to our students in cooperation with the institutions in the field of sports. With national and international tournaments, our students prioritize their university entrance with certificates and awards that are professionally developed in sports activities.
The main groups of our social activities to be carried out within the scope of our
J-Talent application doamins are as follows:
  • Various Instrument Studies
  • School Choir
  • Exhibition and Foyer Works
  • Performing Arts
  • Basketball Tournaments
  • Football Tournaments
  • Volleyball Tournaments
  • Girls and Boys School Teams
  • Athletics Activities
  • National and International Tournaments
Our club activities to be carried out within the scope of our
J-Talent application domains are as follows:
  • Futsal
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Music
  • Rhythm
  • Drawing
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Tae-kwon-do
  • Guitar / Violin
  • Theatre / Drama
  • Ceramic
  • Swimming
  • Athletics / Gymnastics
  • Archery
  • Design
  • Art studio