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Individuals express their feelings and thoughts through their language and behavior. Our Aljazari International Schools, which transform this situation into the students' benefit areas, perform arts, mass media, etc. as a new way of thinking and the ability to express the language that provides cultural integration and manifests itself in a dynamic structure with activities.
In our world, which has become a big village with the effect of globalization, information and facts spread rapidly through the media. New ideas that appear at any point of the world affect the whole world. Our Aljazari International Schools prepare their students for the future based on the current situation. Our students, who are conscious about mass media and perception management, create their agendas and use media tools effectively.
Languages that create new thinking systems by making sense of emotions provide cultural integration. The new language learned improves students' comprehension skills and self-confidence. With our language camps held in English, Arabic and Turkish, students learn languages permanently by mentally processing them in daily use.
With debate and conference activities, our students express themselves effectively by gaining the ability to compile and evaluate ideas. In oratory practices, our students learn how to transmit sounds, tones and topics.
The main groups of our social activities to be carried out within the scope of our
J-Talk application domains are as follows:
  • Festivals
  • Theater and Drama Workshop
  • Cultural Meetings
  • Conferences and Symposiums
  • Museum and Cultural Activity Trips
  • Debate Activities
  • English-Arabic-Turkish Speech Workshop
  • Language Camps
  • MUN (Model United Nations)
  • Media Activities
Our club activities to be carried out within the scope of our
J-Talk application domains are as follows:
  • English Drama
  • Short film
  • MUN
  • Seminar / Conference
  • Language Olympiads
  • Cinema Club
  • JMUN
  • Media
  • Cultures and Civilizations
  • Photography
  • Debate
  • Foreign Language Workshop