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We designed J-Tech as a benefit-centered field of 21st century skills and applications, taking into account the goals of progress in line with the students' capabilities in technology and innovation. We transform the knowledge into algorithms and make the fictions come true in our fully equipped laboratories designed for our students in our J-Tech programs that we see as the production area of ​​new ideas.
J-Tech, which is our production area from theory to practice, aims to participate in national and international projects and competitions by targeting the development of students in areas such as Renewable Energy Resources, Computer Technologies, Bio nanotechnology, Robotics and Coding, Web and Mobile Applications, Model Aircrafts, Internet of Things.
With our understanding of education based on science and technology, we put our philosophy of raising nature and live-friendly individuals into activity under the heading of benefit-centered technological developments. In this context, we provide our students with ways to beautify and make their world livable with our efforts to produce, develop and expand renewable energy resources.
We reinforce the trust that productive and entrepreneur young people can do with the leadership spirit by providing patent support to the original products they put forward in line with their own ideas. The success of our students in the field of national and international science and technology allows them to enter the universities abroad and to have special quotas in the domestic universities.
The basic branches of our social activities within the
scope of J-Tech application area are as follows
  • Robotics and Coding
  • Science and Technology Fairs
  • Renewable Energy Applications
  • Participation in National and
    International Projects an Competitions
  • STEM Applications
  • Digital Games and 3D Design
  • Space Camp Visit
  • Science Center Visits
  • Drone and Model Aircraft
Our club activities to be carried out within the scope of our
J-Tech application area are as follows:
J-Tech Clubs
  • Robotic Coding
  • TÜBİTAK competitions
  • Drone
  • Information Technology
    and Software
  • Internet of Things
  • Technovasion
  • Renewable Energy
  • NANO Technology
  • Astronomy
  • 3D Design
  • Chemistry experiment club
  • Maker club
  • Biology Club
  • Mechatronics
  • WEB Design and Mobile