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Students of Al-Jazari International School, who can connect the facts by transferring the information to the thought system, learn to interpret general social phenomenon with a correct perspective. They are therefore able to shape their own intellectual structures by entering different worlds with their reading and listening skills.
Within the scope of their ability to understand and interpret, our students who acquire innovation skills through creative thinking activities gain a solution-oriented production approach. They also progress on the path of truth while preserving their values and having the capability of envisioning a more contemporary society and world. Students, who discover their own potential, take their next steps within the framework of the social values they have acquired.
Virtuous and happy individuals realize their individual and social transformation to the extent that they put their experiences into life practices. All the facts about life, except for human values, add new horizons to the world of perception and thought of individuals. Al-Jazari International School, which are aware of this, sow the minds of their students on the awareness of social problems and solution centered thinking.
With the consciousness of being human, our students who interpret life as purposes and goals grow up as virtuous and happy individuals who recognize their feelings and thoughts and transform the information into functional steps.
The basic groups of our social activities within the scope of our
J-TT application area are as follows:
  • Book Reviews
  • Reseach and Development Studies
  • Writing Workshops
  • Documentary and Film Analysis
  • Conference, Debate,
    Symposium and Workshops
  • Project Workshops
  • Career Days
  • Community Service Practices
  • Community Service Practices
  • Thinking Workshops
Our club activities to be carried out within the scope of our
J-TT application area are as follows:
  • Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Social Sciences Club
  • Values education
  • Book club
  • History Research Club
  • Economy Club
  • Futurists Club
  • Research and
  • Philosophy Club
  • Social Aid Club
  • Destination Imagination
  • Philosophy
  • School Magazine
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Club
  • Mind games
  • Journalism Club