Cezeri Technology High School

Cezeri Technology High School implements its own Cezeri Technology Program, which provides academic achievements, language acquisition, and vocational development.
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Cezeri Technology High School

Cezeri Technology High School implements its own Cezeri Technology Program, which provides academic achievements, language acquisition, and vocational development.

The Mechatronics branch at Cezeri Technology High School offers specialized training in electronics, software, machinery, control, and automation. The school’s dedicated team of experts and experienced staff prepares future technology leaders by leveraging its state-of-the-art technology base, which includes the renowned J-Tech Workshops. Professional development includes:

• Theoretical and practical training.
• Technopark internships.
• Participation in national and international competitions.
• In-school and out-of-school activities.

The school aims to foster the social development of students based on their individuality. It focuses on monitoring students’ academic, psychological, social, and professional growth. The educational program incorporates course content that promotes character development and facilitates career advancement. Over the four-year education, students receive comprehensive quantitative training and acquire the necessary skills for university entrance exams. Cezeri Academy designs additional courses, programs, and study materials tailored to university preparation. Grades 11 and 12 participate in mock exams and reinforcement programs.

Cezeri Technology High School places English, the global language of scientific and technological advancements, at the core of its program. Throughout the high school journey, there is a strong emphasis on high-quality English education delivered by experienced native educators with international expertise. The goal is for students to attain a proficient level of English that reflects their career development. To achieve this, internationally recognized certificate exams, language camps, peer English training, and language club activities are implemented as part of the comprehensive Cezeri Technology Program (CTP).

Mission and Vision

Cezeri Technology High School is a pioneering educational institution that embraces modern and advanced teaching methodologies while maintaining a deep respect for nature and all living beings.
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Mission and Vision


We aim to advocate for the value of life, both for human beings and the entire universe, in order to foster a more harmonious world. We strive to promote intercultural understanding and respect, with the goal of equipping our students to become lifelong learners who appreciate and embrace diversity.


To establish ourselves as one of the leading educational institutions of the 21st century, distinguished by our commitment to nurturing conscientious, happy, virtuous, socially engaged, and productive generations through the innovative Cezeri Technology Program (CTP).


Cezeri Technology High School is a pioneering educational institution that embraces modern and advanced teaching methodologies while maintaining a deep respect for nature and all living beings.


At the core of Cezeri Technology High School’s educational philosophy lies the integration of happiness and virtue, innovation and technology, art and sports, language and cultures, and science and a love for nature.


Our primary objective at Cezeri Schools is to shape the future by nurturing progressive, socially conscious, and virtuous generations.


Machinery - Electronics - Software - Control



Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that integrates machinery, electronics, software, and control fields.
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Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that integrates machinery, electronics, software, and control fields. It is recognized as the technological engineering of our time and has become one of the most extensively applied engineering disciplines worldwide due to its immense benefits in modern life. The market for Mechatronics products has expanded significantly in recent years, encompassing a wide range of everyday tools, space technology, and various sectors such as defence, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, building automation, medical applications, industrial automation, automotive, manufacturing, and intelligent measuring devices.

Today, interdisciplinary learning allows students to explore diverse fields of study. Graduates from the Department of Electrical Electronics at Cezeri Technology High School have many career opportunities. They can pursue occupations such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, computer science, software development, automotive engineering, control and automation, robotics, and material production, etc.


Cezeri Technology High School

Cezeri Technology High School distinguishes itself in education with its unique curriculum, applications, and goals.

aljazari students
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The Cezeri Technology Program implements the Cezeri Technology Program (CTP) and comprises three core components, crafted within a holistic and comprehensive framework. These components are:

  • DMT (Development, Mechatronics, Talent) component focuses on fostering students’ cognitive development.


  • J5 component is a dynamic environment where information is processed and applied in practical scenarios.


  • PDP (Personal Development Program) component guides students’ career exploration and the formation of their personalities.


DMT (Development, Mechatronics, Talent) 


The DMT program is an integrated program combining the disciplines of Development, Mechatronics, and Talent, specifically emphasizing cognitive development. It provides students with the fundamental abilities and passions essential for pursuing their career aspirations.




The J5 is the center for practical application, where theory translates into practice. All workshops, clubs, activities, competitions, and student organizations are conducted within the scope of J5. The J5 empowers students to process information effectively and to bring it to life. Within J5, there are five programs that revolutionize traditional educational practices and improve the learning experience.

For example, J-Tech encourages innovative thinking and transformation of 21st-century science and technology into tangible products; J-Trail focuses on fostering appreciation and respect for the natural world by recognizing and applying knowledge about nature and living things; J-TT fosters innovation-centered activities where analytical and conceptual thinking is transformed into production. J-Talk harnesses the innate power of expression and fosters understanding, connection, and appreciation for diverse linguistic and cultural aspects. J-Talent provides opportunities for students’ artistic and athletic endeavors and allows talents, skills, and abilities to be channeled into emotions and behaviors.




The PDP (Personal Development Program), designed as a comprehensive personal growth initiative, aims to develop intrinsic motivation by addressing students’ psychological, social, professional, and academic development. The implementation of the PDP helps students increase self-awareness and clearly understand their strengths and growth areas. By providing a nurturing environment, the PDP facilitates the cultivation of students’ potential, enabling them to develop into versatile and self-actualized individuals. The ultimate goal of the PDP is to empower students to establish a happy and virtuous life.


aljazari students

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Cezeri Schools firmly believe in the importance of students actively engaging with information, comprehending its various dimensions, and applying it meaningfully in their lives. Practical experience and consistent practice are essential for truly understanding, analysing, and synthesising knowledge.


To facilitate the processing and internalization of knowledge, Cezeri Schools provide students with hands-on experiences through J-Tech Workshops. These workshops serve as dynamic learning environments and form the core of Cezeri Technology High School’s curriculum. Students utilize the J-Tech Workshops to prepare for both national and international competitions.


Through the comprehensive J5 program, which integrates theory and practice within the Cezeri Technology Program, students can translate their learning across all disciplines into practical application. By engaging in functional training and firsthand experiences, Cezeri students gain knowledge and develop individualized learning experiences.

aljazari students

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Language acquisition policy is a key distinguishing factor of Cezeri Technology High School, which recognizes language education as crucial for students’ personal and professional growth. Within its language education program, the school strives to expose students to each language’s rich cultural, intellectual, and linguistic domains. Rather than merely learning languages, Cezeri students learn how to express themselves authentically by embracing the inherent nature of the language.


Acquiring a new language helps Cezeri Technology High School students engage with and understand diverse cultures and societies around the globe. Cezeri Technology High School takes pride in its language education, which is delivered by experienced native educators.


Within the scope of the language acquisition policy, various language programs are included in the Cezeri Technology Program: language camps, English peer training, language clubs, and many more. Students’ language development is closely monitored through internationally recognized language certification exams, and the language-level certificates they obtain are valuable additions to their university application portfolios.

aljazari students

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Technology is the scientific essence of the 21st century and marks a significant milestone in human progress. Its impact on society brings about psychological, sociological, and cultural transformations. Technology, which has the power to fit the entire world into the palm of our hands, is a core discipline at Cezeri Schools.

Cezeri Technology High School envisions the present through the lens of the future and guides students towards becoming creators of technology rather than its mere users. The school demonstrates its dedication to technology through the J-Tech Workshops, which act as a central hub for conducting research, development, and production activities aligned with the principles of the Teknopark school approach.

As a Technopark school, Cezeri Technology High School collaborates with various industry institutions to ensure that students remain up-to-date with the latest technological advancements. Students embody the sociopark school concept by creating technology that prioritizes societal benefits and serves the community through technological innovations.

aljazari students
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The Career Counseling Center (C.C.C.) at Cezeri Schools is vital in guiding students through career planning, aiding in self-discovery, expert decision-making, and practical implementation strategies. Career development significantly contributes to the formation of one’s identity. By aligning individuals’ interests and talents with their respective areas of expertise, the C.C.C. helps shape realistic and practical future aspirations.


Cezeri Schools initiate career goal setting through interviews and various assessments. Involving parents in career planning promotes a shared understanding between students and their families.


The C.C.C. assists students in establishing their own goals and collaborates with them to devise step-by-step implementation plans. Motivational tools such as conferences, presentations, and university visits effectively inspire students and cultivate a clear career vision.



2023 - 2024 Development Vision

CTHS 2023 - 2024 Development Vision

The academic achievements, language acquisition, and vocational development of Technology High School students are provided through the school's unique Cezeri Technology Program in Cezeri Education Hubs
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CTHS 2023 - 2024 Development Vision


Academic Achievements

Extended Quantitative Courses

Additional courses and programs equip students with the necessary course content for the university exam.

Rigorous Assessment

Unit screening tests are conducted from the first year onwards, while process evaluation is implemented in parallel with the academic needs of the students.

Accelerated Camps

Cezeri Academy organizes accelerated camps every year to support the academic development of students. These camps allow students to fulfil their academic requirements and increase their performance during exams.


Bireyselleştirilmiş Mentörlük Sistemi

To ensure the students’ academic progress, we implement an individual mentoring system in collaboration with the Personal Development Program (PDP) and the Career Counseling Center (CCC). Mentors analyze students’ needs and track customized plans for each student.


University Preparation Program

We tailor our lessons for the university entrance exams and incorporate question-solving sessions. Additionally, we schedule mock exams to assess students’ proficiency levels. The course and study program are implemented on both weekdays and weekends.


Language Acquisition

Intensive English Program

Students receive over 1000 hours of English lessons and can participate in clubs and take additional and elective courses.

Native Instructors

Through the four-year intensive language instruction, students acquire the necessary skills to effectively and confidently showcase their professional aspirations globally. English classes taught by senior native educators with international experience contribute significantly to this preparation.

Proficiency Exams (TOEFL – IELTS)

We design English lessons to prepare students for internationally recognized certification exams. All students undergo the English certification exams; the students’ accomplishments in the English certification exams are recorded in their university application portfolios as a testament to their proficiency in the language.

English Peer Training

Our approach to language acquisition emphasizes experiential learning,  fosters international language exchange, and provides students with opportunities to communicate in English. We organize various activities to facilitate interactions between students and their peers to enable them to spend quality educational time together.

Language Camps

During holidays, we organize language camps that offer students valuable opportunities to communicate in English. By allowing students to apply their acquired knowledge in a fun and enjoyable manner, we facilitate their language acquisition process.


Professional Development

J-Tech Workshops

At Cezeri Technology High School, students can access comprehensive training programs and receive expert guidance in cutting-edge technology that will pave the way to coding. Within the school, the J-Tech workshops play a crucial role as an incubation and production hub, nurturing innovation and creativity.

ProjectBased Training

In all mechatronics courses, students are mandated to undertake a project. These projects are supervised by consulting teachers who guide them throughout the process. The projects are divided into phases, and students must complete these phases within each quarter.


From 9th grade through the end of 11th grade, during vocational training, students are expected to obtain approval for a TUBITAK project. Students have the flexibility to choose any stream in which they wish to carry out their TUBITAK project.

Technopark Internships

In our technology-focused high school, which offers mechatronics training, students in the 10th and 11th grades actively engage with the technology ecosystem. They can explore internships related to their field within the classroom setting. These internships, which are scheduled during the summer holidays, are compulsory for all students.

Product Innovation

Cezeri students have the opportunity to exhibit and market the products they have designed in incubation centers during J-Tech workshops.



Clubs and Social Activities
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Clubs and Social Activities

Thinking and Mind Games Workshop


Language Workshop

Performing Arts

Robotic Coding

Sports Tournaments

Renewable Energy Technologies

Space and Aerospace Technologies

Technopark Stakeholders
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Technopark Stakeholders


Thy Technique

Gebze Informatics Valley








T3 Foundation





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  1. Turkish-German University
  2. Bahçeşehir University
  3. Koç University
  4. Boğaziçi University
  5. Orta Doğu Teknik University
  6. Hacettepe University
  7. Yeditepe University
  8. Gebze Technical University
  9. İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University
  10. Yıldız Technical University
  11. İstanbul Technical University
  12. İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa
  13. Gazi University
  14. Marmara University
  15. Ankara University
  16. Eskişehir Osmangazi University
  17. Kocaeli University
  18. Bursa Uludağ University
  19. Sakarya University
  20. İstanbul Medeniyet University
  21. Bursa Technical University
  22. Karadeniz Technical University
  23. Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
  24. Ondokuz Mayıs University
  25. Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University (M.T.O.K.)
  26. Marmara University (M.T.O.K.)
  27. Gazi University (M.T.O.K.)
  28. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (M.T.O.K.)
  29. Selçuk University (M.T.O.K.)
  30. Kocaeli University (M.T.O.K.)
  31. Isparta University of Applied Sciences (M.T.O.K.)
  32. Pamukkale University (M.T.O.K.)
  33. Manisa Celal Bayar University (M.T.O.K.)
  34. Fırat University (M.T.O.K.)
  35. Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (M.T.O.K.)
  36. Afyon Kocatepe University (M.T.O.K.)


M.T.O.K. is a system that offers specific quotas and benefits for students enrolled in vocational and technical schools. The following list presents the available engineering specializations that M.T.O.K. and mechatronics students can choose from:


  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Computer Forensics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Systems Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Design Engineering
  • Energy Systems Engineering
Workshops and Laboratories
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Workshops and Laboratories

At Cezeri Technology High School, our students foster their professional growth through the utilization of our 9 fully equipped workshops and laboratories:


Mechatronic Systems Workshop

Mechanic Workshop

PLC and Microcontroller Laboratory

Pneumatic and Hydraulics Laboratory

Automated Production Laboratory

Project Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

Electronics Laboratory

Physics-Chemistry-Biology Laboratory


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Interactive Study Hall

Indoor Sports Hall: Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Badminton

Football Field

Conference Hall

Exhibition Hall


Masjid: Female / Male

Cezeri Career Center

C.C.C. (Career Counseling Center)

Cezeri Career Center

The Cezeri Career Center strives to align students' identities with their future aspirations using various methods.
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Cezeri Career Center

The Cezeri Career Center strives to align students’ identities with their future aspirations using various methods. It employs character and career inventories to cater to the unique individual differences of each student. Additionally, the involvement of parents in career planning begins as early as the first year. Comprehensive career planning initiatives are conducted through collaborative efforts between schools, parents, and students. As a result, when students are in Grade 11, they are expected to have identified their areas of expertise and established their goals.


The Cezeri Career Center provides personalized university preparation plans tailored to the needs of individual students. The university preparatory program includes comprehensive study materials and additional courses that are conducted in the Interactive Study Hall. Practice exams are scheduled throughout the 11th and 12th grades.


Certificates of achievement in professional, language, academic, and social domains are included in students’ university portfolios. The Career Center conducts information and guidance sessions and assists students with overseas university applications. The university preference and application processes are collaboratively handled with the students, considering their preferences and aspirations.



Cezeri Academy

Cezeri Academy prepares weekday and weekend programs that align with Cezeri's annual development vision and cater to the specific needs of the students.
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Cezeri Academy

Cezeri Technology High School offers supplementary programs at Cezeri Academy, which take place outside regular school hours. Cezeri Academy prepares weekday and weekend programs that align with Cezeri’s annual development vision and cater to the specific needs of the students.


Cezeri’s programs focus on student’s professional development, English education, and academic achievements. These programs address students at various levels and are accessible and beneficial to all Cezeri students.




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Cezeri Technology High School is a school that aims to be a pioneer in education with its mission, vision, paradigm, educational philosophy, and programs. Turkish and foreign national students can register for Cezeri Science and Technology Schools. You can learn about the registration process and requirements from this page.

Cezeri Technology High School takes into account the procedures of the Ministry of National Education and the admission policies of Cezeri Schools during the registration process.

Admission Process

Parents who want to register for Cezeri Technology High School fill out the online candidate registration form or the pre-registration form by coming to the school. Parents who want to enroll their children in our school with definite registrations come to the school with the required documents listed below and sign the candidate registration form. A proficiency test is held for students in intermediate grades (10th and 11th grades).

Documents Required for Admission

*Student Health Report

*Document showing the LGS exam result

*Last 2-year report card or transcript

*Equivalence certificate approved by the Provincial Directorate of National Education regarding the last 2-year report card or transcript for students coming from abroad

*4 passport-sized photographs of the student (printed copy)

*One passport-sized photograph of the mother and father each

*Identity photocopy of the mother, father, and student

*Residence permit of the parent who will complete the registration procedures

*Custody Certificate if the parents are divorced

**Additional documents required for Foreign National Students

*Passport copies of family members

*Residence / work permit information

Admission Policies

9th Grade Students

Pre-interview and Vocational Approach Inventory are applied by the psychological counseling and guidance unit to 9th-grade students who have made pre-registration. The application order is taken into account at the registration stage. The report is shared with the family regardless of the student’s registration status.

Intermediate Grade Student Acceptance

Level determination and School Acceptance Exam are applied for 10th and 11th-grade students within the quota. In addition, a interview and Vocational Approach Inventory are applied by the psychological counseling and guidance unit. The application order is taken into account at the registration stage. The report is shared with the family regardless of the student’s registration status.

Students with Special Learning Difficulties

The documents of students with learning difficulties must be submitted to the registration unit during the registration process. Course and counseling support are provided for students with learning difficulties.

Students with Health Needs

As Cezeri Technology High School, we attach great importance to our students’ health. Doctor’s report is required for students with chronic illnesses that will prevent formal education. If there is a situation that will prevent students from formal education, their registrations are not accepted.

The health status and development of our students with chronic illnesses that do not prevent formal education are regularly monitored by our health personnel…

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