Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology
Train with Professionals.
Since the first day of the establishment of Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology, we set in our sights improving the community and providing the opportunity for everyone to be part of leading schools apply technical education and able to provide the best possible educational conditions in Istanbul.

Answering the need for socialization, development and professionalization, courses are held at Aljazari International Schools of Science and Technology, where we choose programs that help the trainee quickly integrate into the job market.

In our traineeships and graduate schemes you’ll be expected to do more advanced work from day one than in an apprenticeship. They’re best suited to people with a bit of relevant experience or a university degree.

The door for training is wide open for teachers, administrators and those interested in cultural, technical and sports clubs, in addition to those with specialization in robot programming, drone, and the all kinds of arts.

Those wishing to join the training program must send the specialization code for those interested in training in the form, which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Education Program: EDU-2020P1
Administration Program: ADM-2020P1
Robotics and Drones: TEC-2020P1
Clubs and Sports: CUL-2020P1

Campuses: Atakent Campus, Fatih Campus
[1] The Trainee will:
  • Know the mechanisms for implementing the academic plan and setting the daily, week and quarterly program for teaching students
  • Engage in a professional educational atmosphere led by teachers of different nationalities and specializations.
  • Teach students from around the world in a pioneering educational program.
  • Train on using international educational programs and infrastructure for physical education and online education.
  • Integrate into a school that adopts an applied educational philosophy and incubates difference and diversity.
[2] Tasks
  • Assist in preparing and implementing daily and weekly plans for students.
  • Teaching a number of classes to students within a weekly program to be prepared in coordination with the professors.
  • Helping Principles of educational stages in administrative and academic tasks and coordinating activities for students.
[3] Requirements:
  • A specialized University degree in which you wish to train or a university certificate of studying the specialization.
  • Letter of recommendation from an academic authority.
[4] Benefits:
  • Certificate of experience in training in international and Turkish schools.
  • Employment opportunity with competitive salaries