Similar to DAS, a combination of several teaching methods, PDP curriculum aims to focus on the personal and personal development of students in our school, based on their common background, the school environment that is exclusively generated by this curriculum.
PDP helps students through three phases
Identifying themselves
and their abilities
Recognizing their role
in their community
Achieving their goals
effectively through
choosing the right and
appropriate business
and profession field.
PDP aims to create individuals with effective and influential abilities by creating enough awareness for them to direct their energies towards their goals and personal purpose.
PDP therefore aspires to create individuals with effective and influential abilities by creating sufficient awareness that enables them to channel their energies towards their personal goals and objectives. The creation of this domain will also achieve many of the following objectives:
  • Study plan for the student based on his family and subjective environment
  • Record entries in competitions, events and projects available
  • The process of registration, admission, and the possibility of providing scholarships
The main stages of the application of the PDP curriculum aim to increase the student's self-confidence and provide psychological balance and internal peace as follows:
  • Performance during school year
  • Communication with family members
  • Teamwork performance
  • Interaction within social circles
  • With the student
  • With parents
  • With teachers
  • With trainers
  • With administration staff
  • Academic level test
  • Personality test
  • Personal learning skills tests
  • University preference tests
  • Individual registration forms
In this context, we create individual student profiles and check them regularly.
We create special programs and interactive groups as well for students according to their results in previous tests. The student's short and long term planning is conducted by providing concrete data based on the results of previous reports in all fields of study such as art, sports and social studies.

Under the program, and in collaboration with teachers and other students, our students are moving towards their goals with the help of competent and experienced teachers in their fields. At the same time, our school provides individual psychosocial support sessions available for each student in all grades.

Happy & Competent Children

Individuals whose basic needs, as defined per Maslow's hierarchy of needs, are met, form the essence of a value-centered personality while realizing their full potential.

One-to-one interaction with the child during the preschool phase, which is the stage of self-discovery, is of great importance for their personality development.

Being aware of this, Al-Jazari International School considers each student as a gifted individual carrying an endless potential within.

It is our basic practice to give children the opportunity to learn while playing according to their own respective developmental stages and we consider it extremely important for the upbringing of both mentally and physically healthy future generations.

According to our school's most fundamental approach, the teacher represents a guide during the learning process. Recognizing that children have different ways of expressing themselves, we aim to make our students happy individuals who are aware of how they choose to express their thoughts and feelings whether through singing, painting, sculpture, dance, vocal expression and music activities.

This way, arts and sports are highlighted in our school throughout the learning process, which is supported by education and training.

We support the development of personality with the aim of helping our students to be successful individuals, to be able to make their own decisions, to plan their studies and choose their own goals, to work effectively whether individually or in groups andto produce practical solutions when facing problems.