Activities, which is our production where transfer from theory to practice, participate in national and international projects and competitions; through targeting the development of students in areas such as Renewable Energy, Computer Technologies, Robotics and Coding, Web and Mobile Applications, Model Air Tools, Internet of Things.



It is the center of application at generations and researchers with analytical thinking skills, , and generating solutions to social problems. Our students who write their ideas and thoughts with different methods gain the ability to express themselves in all fields they join.



Language is the way of expressing feelings and thoughts and is the basic element of idea formation. Every foreign language is the way to have new knowledge, culture and meaning accumulation. As an ability to express language, performing arts, mass media, etc. manifests itself in a dynamic structure with activities.



Our students learn to live in harmony with nature and living creatures by solving the codes of natural life by themselves through J-Trail activities. Our students, who are aware that they touch humanity and future generations, are psychologically happy and raise themselves as mission people.



The arts and sports activities carried out together with academic studies allow our students to spend their time usefully and also gain time management skills. On the journey of colors and shapes, we create a dynamic school culture with music and sports activities.



It is a dynamic program that provides mental development, socio-cultural accumulation and the acquisition of individual skills. It has an innovative content that enables data to be transformed into production through the steps of data collection, synthesis and design. By combining the magical world of art and music, it adopts the principle of raising a vigorous generation physically and mentally.



PDP is a personality development program that evaluates the individual based on his own facts. It reveals all aspects of the student from a developmental point of view through information collection, portfolio creation and implementation stages. Thanks to the PDP, where students are defined and promoted with all dimensions, happy generations are raised with realistic goals.



By mastering the communication tools of the current age, generations with healthy social communication skills can use the media for their intended purposes. Our students can express their emotions and thoughts as well as effective social skills through mass media and carry out media studies that shape the future.



Information, analysis and synthesis are only possible if that information goes through the application and comprehension stages. As Aljazari science and technology schools, we realize our philosophy to be applied in JazariLabs, which are flexible educational environments. With our Workshops and Laboratories, we develop our students' entrepreneurship, innovation, innovative and design-oriented thinking skills.


Student Council

When individuals have the ability to express their understanding, they develop the ability to interpret life. As Aljazari science and technology schools, we offer our students the opportunity to evaluate the school physically, academically and administratively. Our students' understanding of the necessities of social life and producing solutions to it also increases their belonging to school.



We offer our students the experience required by the university in high school, they determine their university goals and expectations at an early age. Successful university students, who are selected from different departments, offer the opportunity to conduct university visits, academicians meetings and joint projects to our student groups who choose in line with their interests and abilities.



Being a school based on sociopark philosophy, Aljazari International schools of Science and Technology put into consideration the community service as an important priority. Through the teacher academy, TOT, training of trainers programs are an ongoing and everlasting. The main goal is to train trainers who are motivated to take part in continually improving the quality of projects presented to the community. Within the ToT courses, participants have the chance to further develop their competences as a trainer.



Happy & Competent Children

Individuals whose basic needs, as defined per Maslow's hierarchy of needs, are met, form the essence of a value-centered personality while realizing their full potential.

One-to-one interaction with the child during the preschool phase, which is the stage of self-discovery, is of great importance for their personality development.

Being aware of this, Al-Jazari International School considers each student as a gifted individual carrying an endless potential within.

It is our basic practice to give children the opportunity to learn while playing according to their own respective developmental stages and we consider it extremely important for the upbringing of both mentally and physically healthy future generations.

According to our school's most fundamental approach, the teacher represents a guide during the learning process. Recognizing that children have different ways of expressing themselves, we aim to make our students happy individuals who are aware of how they choose to express their thoughts and feelings whether through singing, painting, sculpture, dance, vocal expression and music activities.

This way, arts and sports are highlighted in our school throughout the learning process, which is supported by education and training.

We support the development of personality with the aim of helping our students to be successful individuals, to be able to make their own decisions, to plan their studies and choose their own goals, to work effectively whether individually or in groups andto produce practical solutions when facing problems.